Bolt Inspections

One of the services that we are offering, is to do Inspections on vehicles that have applied to work for Bolt. We do the Inspections on behalf of The Raspberry Academy. We are not affiliated with Bolt in anyway and only carry out the Inspections.

Before asking for an inspection to be done. Make sure that you have applied to Bolt already and have received an e-mail asking you to come to us for an inspection. We do not register you with Bolt. We only carry out the Inspection.

You are required to have the following documents

  • Certificate Of Registration (COR)
  • Double Disk – Roadworthy (The License disk, not the roadworhty certifcate!)
  • Double Disk – Operator Card
  • Passenger Liability Insurance (PLI) Disk – Only if you have your own.
  • Vehicle Owners Drivers License. (Please use original. Front only when sending in E-Mail)
  • Vehicle Owners Identification Document (Please use original. Front only when sending in E-Mail)

Attached in the picture below is an example of documents required.

Once you have all documents and they are correct. then we can open up an inspection and you will be e-mailed a payment link from Raspberry Academy. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see the e-mail.

the payment is to be made from the link. the payment is for Raspberry Academy. The payment amount as of January 2020 is R200.00

The payment is done through Pay-gate. Please make sure that the account/card you are using is authorized to do online payments. you will need to go to your bank for assistance if you cannot get the payment done.

Once payment is made. we can then carry out the Inspection on the vehicle.


Attention! Covid-19 Changes!


Due to the Covid-19 Lock down, We are now introducing a No Contact way to do Inspections for your safety and ours. Only from Level 4 and lower Lock down levels, can we assist.

Once you have been instructed from Bolt to come for an Inspection. You can email us your required Documents to as well as your full name and contact number (Vehicle Owner’s). Use the Vehicle Reg. No. as the subject line for eg. ABC123EC. Please make sure the documents are in colour and in a jpeg format. PDF will not be accepted! The text needs to be clear and readable. Unclear documents will not be accepted. Please make sure that the double disk roadworthy license and operators card are separate images. and need to be displayed on the vehicle when bringing for inspection. Please send the documents separate and not in a zip or rar file. failure to do so will result in the e-mail being deleted due to virus threats. 

If all the documents are correct and clear, we will then request the payment link to be e-mailed to you. The e-mail will come from Raspberry Academy, please check your SPAM folder should you not see it. Once payment has been done successfully, you will receive a payment confirmation, you then forward the e-mail to

We will then e-mail you an appointed time and day to bring your vehicle for an Inspection. Please bring your documents with you for validation.