Some of the services we offer.

  • vehicle service

Be it Major or Minor. We service all makes of vehicles as well as a thorough check to make sure your car is in working order

  • Brakes & suspension

We do quality repairs to your suspension, making sure you have a smooth and safe driving experience on the road.

  • engine overhauls

From timing to a full engine overhaul. Is your vehicle smoking? or do you have a power loss due to a stretched chain. we can assist in repairing it. 

  • auto electrical

From testing sensors, to fault finding and repairing faulty wiring, We do extensive testing to ensure that your electrical problem is fixed properly.

  • clutches & gearbox

We make sure that you get your car into the right gear. Be it slipping, or just no clutch at all, We assess and repair from The cylinders to Clutch kits and flywheels.

  • diagnostics

Warning light on? We take Diagnostics further. Let us check it with our machine and take it further by giving you step by step guidance as to what the problem is.